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Extend your app’s value: Taking DataFlex 2.3b to the Web
As Jack Burd of DataWorks knows, many people are still enjoying the benefits of DataFlex 2.3b applications. Now, with WebApp Server, DataFlex 2.3b users continue to get excellent ROI and extended value from these long-serving systems while leveraging the advantages of the latest Web technologies. Full story

eAccounts releases WebApp 3 powered accounting system
eAccounts International has announced the release of the WebApp Server 3 version of their powerful browser-based accounting system. eAccounts has seen its user base grow substantially to tackle the accounting needs of a multitude of different companies in a variety of ways. Full story

hcsslogoWebApp powered Internet saves HCSS time, money!
Heavy Construction System Specialists, Inc. (HCSS), a leader in software development for heavy, highway, utility, and environmental contractors, has installed WebApp Server to enable their staff to have access to scheduling and other critical information anytime, anywhere. Full story

KwiklogoKwikasair leads Brazilian transport industry in delivering wireless Web services to customers.
Kwikasair customers can now track their shipment through the company’s WAP-enabled website utilizing wireless web technology powered by WebApp Server. Full story

moorelogoMoore Brazil’s best IT investment - WebApp Server and DataFlex
When Moore Brazil decided to Web-enable their business and migrate from a mainframe IT environment to a client-server solution, the company faced a number of choices regarding which application development and server platform to deploy. With senior management demanding that the company’s existing IT investments be preserved, the decision was easy - continue to rely on Data Access Worldwide for Web and client-server application development solutions. Full story

RemacInc_LogoRemac Inc. - One Server Fits All
Remac sells it popular shoe labels in retail outlets ranging from Dillard’s to Bloomingdales. Remac wanted to simplify their end-customers’ purchasing process by developing and deploying a retail locator on their website. Having used DataFlex for many years to develop database applications, extending their process with WebApp Server was easy. Full story

srsStanford Research Systems takes on e-Biz with WebApp Server!
When Stanford Research Systems made the decision to begin selling their high performance scientific instruments online, the decision to deploy Data Access’ WebApp Server as the business logic engine to power their e-commerce site was easy. Full story 

UNICON"The Possibilities are Endless" - UNICON’s Wireless App
Universal Container (UNICON) is a manufacturer of plastic packaging for the food, health care and pharmaceutical industries, and needed needed to leverage the power of a wireless IT infrastructure to support operations. Full story

Boat_LogoMarine fulfillment specialist Boat incorporates WebApp Server-driven E-commerce solution into its order entry system
Boat wanted to expand its mail-order operation to the Internet to increase its sales efforts and consolidate its order-processing operation. Boat enlisted the services of Yield Systems, who integrated its WebApp powered e-commerce solution into Boat’s existing accounting system. Full story


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