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Electos Web Content Management System

Electos - the easy-to-use Web Content Management System!Electos is a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a software system for creating, maintaining, organizing and publishing website content.

Electos runs on the Visual DataFlex Web Application Server and Internet Information Server (IIS).  It provides a powerful, reliable, easy-to-use environment for web site development (in fact, this website is completely developed and published using Electos!).

Using conventional methods, website content and formatting are bound together in HTML pages. To use HTML, some level of technical capability is required to format content and maintain the site. With Electos, content authors develop and maintain information in a word processing-like environment that runs in their web browser; with a click of the mouse, their information is stored in a database an a web server, ready to publish. 

Electos is an entirely web-based software system. An author’s interface to create content and manage the system is Microsoft Internet Explorer. By using a browser interface, Electos can be made available anytime, anywhere without the need to install special client software; the browser provides access to Electos from anywhere on the internet, a corporate intranet or a local machine.

An Electos website is composed of user created content and one or more design templates that determine how the information will be displayed to a visitor in their web browser. Electos can publish content in any design that can be implemented in a template. By simply changing the template, all content in an Electos website can change. Content can be developed without involvement in design, layout or technology. Design and layout can be developed independently of content.

Read the Electos Overview (PDF) document.

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