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Software Products from Data Access Worldwide

Data Access Worldwide offers a suite of advanced, high-productivity products to build a wide range of business solutions fast and easy...

electoslogoElectos - Electos is a Content Management System (CMS) for easily creating, managing and publishing information on the web. A free Electos Standard Edition license is included with Visual DataFlex Studio and Web Application Servers, or it can be purchased as a stand-alone software package.  Special Electos deployment licenses are available for website hosting; Electos’ source code licenses are available for developers that want to customize or extend the product’s functionality. Electos is a Visual DataFlex application that runs on Web Application Server.  The website runs on Electos.

Visual Report Writer Visual Report Writer is a software tool for delivering timely, well organized reports and information to the people that need it. Designed to be used by end-users, power-users and professional software developers alike, Visual Report Writer works with a wide variety of data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Pervasive SQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, the DataFlex embedded database and more.

Dynamic AI for Business IntelligenceDynamic AI - Business Intelligence, fast and easy.  With Dynamic AI, any web browser becomes the window on your world of information. See summaries, dashboards, alerters, reports, drilldowns, forms, pivot tables, lists, interactive queries and more instantly with only a web browser, your data and Dynamic AI.

DF_SMDataFlex - DataFlex is an advanced object-oriented 4GL designed for developing portable character based business solutions on Linux, Unix, AIX and Windows Console Mode. The integration of a proven application framework enables you to quickly build reliable, high-performance applications. You can easily port your solution to any supported DataFlex environment, often with nothing more than a recompilation of the source code.


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