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Visual Report Writer Overview
Visual Report Writer is the exciting new reporting tool from Data Access Worldwide. It is one more resource in the range of options available to developers to deliver information to end users from Visual DataFlex applications. Logo Visual Report Writer with shadow 200w

Here’s what Visual Report Writer delivers to Visual DataFlex developers:

  • A visual report designer that includes wizards, “experts” and drag & drop functionality help you creating great looking, pixel-perfect reports.
  • Direct connection to DataFlex databases, as well as MS SQL, Pervasive.SQL, Oracle, etc. via ODBC.
  • Output flexibility: view reports on-screen or print them; export reports to PDF, Comma Separated Values or text.
  • Easy integration of reports into your Visual DataFlex Windows applications. A wizard helps you automate the report integration process; a new report integration Library is automatically installed with your Visual DataFlex Studio when you install Visual Report Writer.
  • Royalty-free deployment 0f reports integrated with your Visual DataFlex Windows applications
  • The ability to lock your reports, so no one else can modify them.
If you develop database applications with Visual DataFlex, Visual Report Writer is a must-have.
Learn more. Download Visual Report Writer.

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