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Visual DataFlex Personal
"Personal" is a no-cost version of Visual DataFlex licensed for personal, private, non-commercial use only.  Visual DataFlex Personal...
  • Helps developers get acquainted with the product without making a financial commitment;
  • Provides a free, fast & easy development tool for non-commercial use. 
We believe so strongly that you will be thrilled with the power, efficiency, productivity and capability of Visual DataFlex that if you try it, you will decide to use it personally or commercially. As a Visual DataFlex Personal user, all we ask is that you register your license and activate it upon installation. The license is perpetual (not time-limited) and free.

To fully use Visual DataFlex Personal Edition, you will need to:

1. Download Visual DataFlex.

2. During installation of the software, select the option to Register your Visual DataFlex Personal Edition.

3. After registering your software installation, Activate your Visual DataFlex Personal Edition.

WF4Visual DataFlex Personal definition:

  • A fully functional Visual DataFlex Studio license with the same operating specifications as a commercial license
  • Users must register and provide contact details to get an activation code
  • The product is delivered in time limited form - registration and activation remove time limit to create a perpetual license
  • Only for private, personal, non-commercial use
  • Includes 3-user Client Engine
  • Includes Connectivity Kits for MS-SQL, DB2, Pervasive SQL and ODBC
  • Includes Personal Web Application Server
  • Product logo screen displays on each invocation of the Studio and Client Engine

Personal license - what’s allowed?

  • Development and personal use of applications
  • Freeware distribution of your applications to others for private, personal use only (Freeware distribution may not be the basis of the creation of any form of revenue for application Personal-created software including fee-based shareware or paid programming services). Learn more about deploying VDF Personal applications.
  • Educational use in not-for-profit classroom environments (high schools, colleges and universities).

Personal license - what’s not allowed?

  • Development and/or use of Personal applications in a business, governmental or institutional environment
  • Any form of revenue derivation, dependant transaction or sale of software created with a Personal license (including fee-based shareware)
  • Business use of applications created with a Personal license
  • Administrative use of applications created with a Personal license by educational institutions

Support for Visual DataFlex Personal

You can receive free online peer support through our Visual DataFlex Community Web Forum at

Terms & Conditions - VDF Personal

The Visual DataFlex Personal License Agreement is the sole reference defining the use and usage restrictions for Visual DataFlex Personal.

Learn more about Visual DataFlex commercial licenses.

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