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Visual DataFlex Studio Licensing

Waterfall2Visual DataFlex Studio is a complete Windows application development toolkit including IDE, compiler, debugger, application framework, class library, database utilities and documentation. A Visual DataFlex Studio license is required for each individual developer that uses the software.

The Studio license includes...

  • A license for one developer to use Visual DataFlex Studio.
  • A 3-User Visual DataFlex Client Engine licensed for development, testing and internal deployment of application software at the Studio user’s company. More than 3 application users require additional Client Engine licensing.
  • A distributable Evaluation Client Engine - a free facility for commercial application developers to provide demonstation versions of their software products.
  • A "Lite" Web Application Server
  • Electos - a Content Management System (CMS) built with Visual DataFlex and deployable on the included Web Application Server
  • A 1-year Subscription.  Provides developers with all new product features and enhancements, updates, bug fixes and documentation for 12 months from date of purchase.  Subscriptions may be renewed each year to provide an uninterrupted flow of product updates.

For more information about VDF licensing, contact your local Data Access Worldwide distributor or send an e-mail to


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