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Windows Client Licensing

Visual DataFlex Windows Clients execute Windows-based application software developed with Visual DataFlex Studio. The Windows Client’s components include the application execution engine, database utilities, the embedded database and, optionally, database connectivity drivers. A Windows Client license is required for each person that uses Visual DataFlex Windows applications on a standalone PC or in networked configurations. New Windows Client licenses include a one-year Subscription.

Client Engine Licenses

  • Multi-User Windows Client licenses provide entitlement for specified numbers of End Users to concurrently use Visual DataFlex Windows Client with application software in server based environments. Multi-User Windows Client licenses decrease in per-User cost as the number of Users increases. Volume licenses are available when quantities of Multi-User Windows Clients are required.
  • "Location Licenses" are available to provide Windows Client Licensing to all users at one physical address location. Customized licensing programs are available for OEMs, shrink-wrap application developers and information publishers.
  • A Single-User Windows Client license provides entitlement for one person to use a Visual DataFlex Windows Client with application software.  A special distribution license is available when quantities of Single-User Windows Clients are required.

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