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Library Support means flexible code management

Significant investment is often made to develop standard components used commonly across many or all of a company’s applications.  Active sharing of source code brings important leverage to developers in the Visual DataFlex community.  "Libraries" are a facility of the Studio that enables the sharing of defined source code resources among multiple workspaces. 

Any given workspace can add, remove or share multiple libraries.  Since Libraries are carefully structured, they also facilitate moving a source code Library between computers, between different revisions of Visual DataFlex and among developers.

  • Libraries bring in classes from multiple sources
  • Multiple libraries can be added to a workspace
  • Different Library revisions can be used in different workspaces
  • Libraries can contain other libraries
  • System Library support (the DAW classes)
  • Component templates are brought in from libraries

Read more about Visual DataFlex Libraries that are currently available.


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