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Why Businesses Benefit from Visual DataFlex

Visual DataFlex is for building software solutions for business, fast and easy.  It is a combination of productivity-enhancing software tools, a design methodology, application components, a transaction-optimized embedded DBMS and scaleable client/server options built around an object-oriented, 4th generation language. Professional developers worldwide use Visual DataFlex to create scalable, reliable, high-performance Windows and web solutions and standards-based web services for enterprise, departmental and commercial software requirements.

WaterfallVisual DataFlex’s tiered development system is designed to accommodate the latest trends in distributed, rule-based, client/server database application architecture. The combination of Visual DataFlex’s methodology and Studio integrated development environment provides an easy-to-master platform for business process-based application design. Visual DataFlex enables you to quickly take multiple solutions to deployment, through well-controlled and structured development processes.

Great Technology is Good for Business
Visual DataFlex’s mature methods and tools translate to tangible business benefits:

  • Shorter application development cycles mean lower costs
  • A structured development environment means more standardization in development, fewer errors, easier maintenance and change implementation, more efficiency for teams collaborating on larger projects and more consistency in the application results presented to end users.
  • Code generation means better results, faster.
  • Minimal overheads to change/upgrade database backends
  • Easy extenstion of application assets to new platforms and new user interfaces. 
  • A single, comprehensive system to create applications for all key platforms: Windows, web browser and web services.

Great Development Tools Create Great Solutions
One of the key differences between Visual DataFlex and other Windows development environments is in the strength and capability of the Windows application interfaces presented to users that enter and update data - the core operations of all database applications. Visual DataFlex Windows applications provide users with:

  • A Multiple Document Interface (MDI) presentation of views
  • Data-aware pull-down menus, button-bar and keyboard application and data navigation
  • Pop-up context menus
  • Data Dictionary based Status Help, selection lists, validation tables, confirmations and warnings on all data operations

These fully customizable application components are automatically generated by the visual design tools in VDF Studio saving countless project hours and rendering better, more consistent results at the same time.

Increase Your Return on Investment
Visual DataFlex’s tiered development system is designed to accommodate the latest trends in distributed, rule-based, client/server database application architecture. The combination of the Visual DataFlex methods and the IDE provides an easy-to-master environment for business process-based application design.

Applications powered by Visual DataFlex today will continue to deliver value tomorrow with open connectivity to database management systems, efficient life-cycle maintenance and flexible web deployment options.

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